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Mr H's 2.96Kwp Array, Kenilworth

This was an ideal roof to install 16 panels in portrait, however after a site visit it became apparent that there was a shading issue which resolved itself if we set the panels out in landscape.

Haynes panels

Our Structural Enginneer checked the rafters and purlins and found that the purlins required doubling up and additional propping.

Mr Haynes Roof strengthen

The inverter was located in the roof space next to a combi boiler, this arrangement worked well with the DC cables kept short and separate from the AC circuits.

Mr Haynes Inverter

A new AC circuit was run from the inverter to an existing AC isolator in the garage, a new generation meter was installed in a new meter box cut into the existing garage wall.

Mr Haynes Meter box

Feed in Tariff Potential Benefit
Savings Description
£1049.02 Generation payment, year 1, 2540Kwh at 41.3p/Kwh
£38.10 Feed in payment, deemed at 50% generation, 1270Kwh at 3p/Kwh
£152.40 Electricity consumed but not paid for,assume 50% i.e.1270Kwhx12p/Kwh
£1239.52 Total annual benefit