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Mr T's 3.87Kwp Array, Smalley

This was an interesting project, the client had decided to extensively remodel his house whilst still living in it. The new two storey extension had a roof that was South facing and nearly 14m long.

Tomlinson Panels

We designed a 3.87Kwp array to fit the available foot print. The panels where located in the high pressure areas of the roof, the anchorage loadings where calculated and the appropriate anchors and fastenings chosen. The new roof was designed to accommodate the additional loading of the array.

Tomlinson Inverter

The Inverter was located in the roof space, thus keeping the DC cables short and separate from the AC cabling.

Tomlinson Metering

The new AC circuit was run from the inverter beneath new plaster finishes through an existing roof void into the clients garage.

Feed in Tariff Potential Benefit
Savings Description
£1371.99 Generation payment, year 1, 3322Kwh at 41.3p/Kwh
£49.83 Feed in payment, deemed at 50% generation, 1661Kwh at 3p/Kwh
£232.54 Electricity consumed but not paid for,assume 50% i.e.1661Kwhx12p/Kwh
£1654.36 Total annual benefit