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Protect your future...

Asbocking Suffolk

4Kwp Array using REC250wp panels and SMA4000TL-20 Inverter, Asbocking, Suffolk

Install one of our arrays, engineered to protect your investment

The electricity generated:

  • is free to use.
  • will give a better return than any ISA, bond or financial product.
  • will give increased savings year on year as electrcity costs rise.
  • will give you a guaranteed income for 20 years.
  • will continue for 40 years or more.
  • will give you a return on income of 12% or more.

What do you get for your money?:

Our Partners

-built to last, using only the best components.
-an array that will out perform the rest.
-installation anywhere in the country.
-expert design and advice.
-careful, skilled and considerate engineers.
-installation that complies with building and CDM regulation.
-array design that accommodates wind and snow load.
-integrates with existing LPS.
-help with achieving D energy rating.

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Content Updated 30th April 2015